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Austin's Miracle Fund Photo Album


Austin Firth 1
Austin Firth 2
Aaron Leal

Austin's Miracle Fund has held several fundraisers since November 2000.  You will see pictures from each of these events below.

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Our first fundraiser was a combination rummage sale, bake sale, hamburger lunch - $4,000 in three days!  Here are a couple of pictures to show you the success of the community that worked so hard to help us!

The rummage sale - what a success!




Our first annual Auction and Luncheon was a tremendous success!  Melvin Adams provided entertainment along with Sedrick Clark and Tyrone Smith, both former NFL players.  We want to thank all who worked so hard to make things go smoothly.  THANK YOU!!

Melvin, Tyrone and Sedric - very funny men!
These guys were such a blessing to us all!

Austin with Mom and Sis - "the guys" -
Melvin, Tyrone, and Sedric

Melvin with Austin and family.

Katie Mae and Cookie had a tough crowd with Austin
but they finally won him over!

Our 2nd annual luncheon and live/silent auction was a huge success!  KSBJ radio was there!  Clowns, games, James Coney hot dogs, candy and more!  Fun, Fun Fun!  Lots of items to bid on and wonderful items in the live auction.  Channel 39 came out and did a report for us on Saturday and they received so many calls that they had to repeat the number on Sunday night. 

Austin with the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department
Oh, and of course, Austin's Mom - hee hee

Bouncing and jumping sure is a lot of fun!
These kids could do it all day long!

These are the games - lots of fun -
and there was candy to win!

We are getting our face painted!
Love to have that paint smeared everywhere!

Zion - a tremendously talented young band!

KSBJ Family Fun Patrol Van with DJ Duane Allen
And Technician - Scott

Austin playing the Noah's Ark bean bag toss
with a clown.