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Our Sponsors


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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors.

The following is a list of our sponsors. We appreciate the support you have given us. Keep up the good work!

Individual Miracle Sponsors:

Freddie and Sylvia Bailey - Katy, Texas
Judy Gourley - Houston, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Bailey, Sr. - Houston, Texas
JC and Della Bell Venable - Lindsay, Oklahoma
Daniel and Lynette O'Neil - Humble, Texas
Terry and Rhonda Fitzgerald - Cypress, Texas
Todd and Michelle Wyatt - Houston, Texas
Maxine Myers - Houston, Texas

Individual Sponsors:

Jim and Amy Jenkins - Houston, Texas
Oral and Kay Abbott - The Woodlands, Texas
Jay Johnson - Houston, Texas
Gwen Luke - Houston, Texas
Wayne and Ruth Ann Wyatt - Waco, Texas
Elvis and Linda DeArman - Houston, Texas
Gordon and Kerry Hicks - Houston, Texas
John T and Brenda B. Huber - Houston, Texas
Stephanie Griswold - Houston, Texas
Bill and Nelsine Johnson - Houston, Texas
Simon Ball - Houston, Texas

Corporate Miracle Sponsors:

Fairfield Industries
14100 Southwest Fwy. Suite 600
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
G.R. Birdwell Construction, Inc.
9720 Derrington Road
Houston, Texas 77064-5808
(281) 890-4981
Brian Smith Construction and Inspection
1802 Calumet
Houston, Texas 77004

Harvest Bend Homeowners Association
16650 Pine Forest
Houston, Texas 77084

St. Mary's Episcopal church
15415 N. Eldridge Parkway
Cypress, Texas 77429

Corporate Sponsors:

Joe Myers Ford
16634 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77040

Don McGill Toyota
11800 Old Katy Road
Houston, Texas 77079
(281) 496-2000

Our Sponsors


The following is the criteria on which becoming a sponsor is based:

An individual donation of $150 or more: Sponsor

An individual donation of $300 or more: Miracle Sponsor

A corporate donation of $500 or more: Sponsor

A corporate donation of $1,000 or more: Miracle Sponsor

If you have met this criteria and have not been listed please contact Michelle Wyatt at 281-650-3955. Please allow at least 48 hours for listing. Thank you.


While God's miracles need no assistance from us, the miracle we NEED is assistance from you with donations of time and financial resources in order to assist these families.